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Guillaume Pham Minh
March 27, 2024

Amazing Teacher! Jannette is genuinely care about your success and are incredibly supportive. Thanks also to Sonny.

Luana Silva
March 4, 2024

Sonny is the best teacher for PTE, I really recommend him, I got overall 66 when my target was 50, and 90 on Speking. He's the best!!! Thank you so much Sonny.

Débora B. Herter Scognamillo
March 1, 2024

I highly recommend Sonny’s course!!! It was my first time doing it and I got the score that I needed!!! His team also is amazing!!!! Thank you so much Sonny for your work and help!

Lucas Silva
February 23, 2024

If you are unsure whether you should buy the course, I can guarantee, you won't regret it at all. Sonny's course will navigate into the ways you should approach each PTE question. Not only that, you will have access to a great website with videos, live classes, interactions, recordings, and everything you need to get your desired score. As a person, I believe Sonny is a pretty decent human being and will do everything he can to achieve the score you need.

Leo Haoyu
February 22, 2024

I'd like to recommend Sonny English for your PTE exam preparation, he teaches useful PTE techniques and help us to eliminate faults in the exam, exactly improve the scores and easy to learn🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

Julian Matsumoto
February 15, 2024

I highly recommend Sonny. He teaches in a way that is really easy to understand. He will guide you to study what you really need to. I’ve learned more in 1 month studying his material than 6 months in a normal english school.

Marcus Steffens Dos Santos
February 3, 2024

Sonny is by far the best PTE (English) teacher in Australia! Being honest, I hate studying, but I had some private lessons with Sonny and he makes the lessons look like you are chatting with your friends and learning at the same time! He’s got all skills and templates to make you achieve your goals! I can’t recommend him enough!

Clara Moreira
January 27, 2024

I can’t explain the dedication and attention that Sonny had to his students! Achieved my score with less than 1 month with him! Thank you so much Sonny! You are a legend!

Guilherme Santos
December 28, 2023

I highly recommend Sonny’s course. First my fiancé and now me. I needed 50 and got an overall score of 64. Best way to finish the year. Thanks Sonny for all the effort you put in for the community.

Tommaso Molinaro
December 27, 2023

Sonny is the absolute best! Just with one week of preparation with him, I managed to pass the exam with a score of 49 ( minimum score to pass for this exam was 36). Thank you so much I can officially apply for my sponsorship here in Australia. Without Sonny I would not have been able to pass! Highly recommend 🙂

Jun Ming
December 21, 2023

Grateful that I came across Sonny YouTube channel and online course, he gave in-depth techniques on how to write and score well in PTE. He is constantly updated with the latest information and uses questions bank on his coursework. I can't emphasize enough that some online platforms just doesn''t work well on the actual PTE examination if you aim to score above certain marks. I can confirm this after sitting the test several times with techniques that just don't get me high enough scores. I spend hours memorizing their templates and techniques only to be disappointed and trying other online courses again. I work full time and it is hard to cycle around those platforms each with their own rules and techniques. With Sonny online course not only he provides the fundamental templates he also suggests different techniques that works for someone like me who can't memorize well in a short amount of time given. Just by practicing Sonny's online course vigorously, I managed to get my desired score of 85/90/90/90 in two weeks. Do what works for you, for me Sonny's advice just does the job. His enthusiasm and desire to teach will infatuate you and boost your study confidence even when you feel like giving up. Thank you again Sonny!

Jireh Martinez
December 20, 2023

I am very grateful to Sonny and his team with his course and help, I achieved the necessary points at the first attempt on the PTE exam and with only three weeks of study. It wasn't easy but I wouldn't be able to get it done without them. I highly recommend his course and techniques. Thank you again to Sonny, Janelle and Mat excellent team.

Yhanys Cabral
December 18, 2023

Sonny is definitely the best. He is completely accessible and helped me even when I was not part of the community anymore. I was struggling with the speaking and he helped me to figure out the issue with the microphone which I would not have realized if it wasn’t for him. He knows what he is doing, updates the techniques constantly based on real results and his mission is definitely to help people to pass the test and achieve their goals. I would recommend him 1000 times more if anyone asked me. Thank you so much, Sonny ❤️

Diego Spagiari
December 15, 2023

I highly recommend Sonny’s course, his techniques works perfectly, I got over the score that I needed on first time trying Pte!! Thank you so much Sonny, I’m really happy!!!

Artem Egorov
December 15, 2023

Thanks Sonny very much. When I tried to do Mock test before I met Sonny I had only 35 points. Then my friend recommended Sonny, and I studied very hard for 2 month and at the end took 57 points(I expected at least 46). I'm so happy. Thanks Sonny very much for really working methods and strategies!

Raquel Borssa
December 10, 2023

I highly recommend Sonny's course. I struggled with reading and writing, after his online classes and all the tutorials, finally I got my score. He knows exactly what you need to improve. Every time that I needed Sonny was able to help me. Also, thanks to Janelle and Mat as well. All the team were very supportive. Thank you!!!

Alex Cheam
December 5, 2023

PTE teacher that knows his stuff and always give us the up to date techniques to ace your test.

Thyago Melo
December 4, 2023

He is the best!! His techniques are just perfect… highly recommend it to anyone who wants to achieve any level of PTE… Thanks again, Sonny!

Karen Cristine Santos
November 17, 2023

Sonny’s course was just the perfect choice! I’m still impressed with his techniques, material and all the support I got during the online classes. I took my first PTE test today and my score was way higher than what I needed!! Mat and Janele are also great and together they make the perfect team! Thank you all 🙏

Rodrigo Alcântara
November 12, 2023

He is the best, Sonny made it much easier for me with all his techniques and online classes, I really recommend him and his team ! Mat and Janele.

Phan Hương Ly
November 6, 2023

Sonny is the best PTE teacher that you could ever find. I was so lucky that I knew Sonny and his team. Not only teach you all things you need for PTE, he is also my motivator to achieve my target. Excellent outstanding service and quality!!! 💯💯


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