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Most courses out there just provide the instructions to each task and suggestions taken from the PTE Teacher’s Manual. I will provide detailed, step by step techniques that I personally test on the real PTE exam regularly. I will only teach you things that I have first hand knowledge about with real PTE scores as support. 

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Community members will have access to


Ultimate PTE Course

The Ultimate PTE Course ($200) is included when you join the community. The recorded course contains the structure, theory, techniques and templates.


PTE Practice Material

Practice materials are provided to help you familiarize yourself with the exam format. Only practice questions for important tasks are provided.


Community feedback

You will be able to view and join discussions posted by Sonny and other community members. You will be able to post your own questions and get feedback from Sonny.


Zoom Classes

Zoom classes are for us to put everything into practice. You will be able to participate and ask questions during class. We want to turn techniques into skill.

Live classes

Zoom Class Schedule

All class times are in Sydney time. Please covert the times accordingly.




Mon. 5:30pm

The focus of this class is to put our Repeat Sentence techniques into practice. You will receive individual feedback for your speaking.

Tues. 5:30pm

The focus of this class is to put our Read aloud techniques into practice. You will receive individual feedback for your speaking.

Wed. 5:30pm

The focus of this class is to put our Repeat Sentence techniques into practice. You will receive individual feedback for your speaking.

Thurs. 5:30pm

The focus of this class is to put our Read aloud techniques into practice. You will receive individual feedback for your speaking.

Mon. 7pm

The focus of this class is to practice techniques, tips and strategies for different types of PTE reading questions.

Tues. 7pm

The focus of this class is to cover a range of topics, including verb tenses, subject-verb agreement, nouns and pronouns, adjectives and adverbs, and more.

Wed. 7pm

The focus of this class is to practice techniques, tips and strategies for answering different types of PTE listening questions.

Thurs. 7pm

The focus of this class is to practice writing exercises and receive feedback. Students will have the opportunity to develop their writing skills.

Mon. 8pm

The focus of this class is to put our Read aloud techniques into practice. You will receive individual feedback for your speaking.

Tues. 8pm

The focus of this class is to improve your reading comprehension, vocabulary, and collocations. 

Wed. 8pm

The focus of this class is to put our Repeat Sentence techniques into practice. You will receive individual feedback for your speaking.

Thurs. 8pm

The focus of this class is to practice reading passages from different types of PTE reading questions.

Frequently asked questions

Feel free to send me message from the contact page if you have any additional questions.

All live classes are held over Zoom. Video is not required and you are welcome to turn on or off the camera during the class. However, the microphone is required to be muted when you join the class. All live classes are recorded, so you will have access to them for review in case you missed something. 

The course is for anyone who is preparing for the PTE Academic exam. Whether you are taking the exam for the first time or need help increasing your score, this is the course for you. This course covers everything, so even if you have never prepared for the exam before, you will be able to quickly pick it up.

It is up to you. You can blast through the video tutorials over a weekend or meticulously go through every lesson over a month. You can go at your own pace and always refer back when you need it. It is recommended that you review all of the tutorials prior to attending Zoom classes.

The course will cover all modules in the PTE Academic exam. You can view the overview tutorials for all the tasks in the exam for free at the bottom of the page. 


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What past members say

Lou Hart
May 18, 2023

I just want to thank Sonny, Karolina and Mat for their incredible support during my preparation for the PTE academic test. They don't just teach you how to get the score you need; they build your confidence and provide amazing guidance on how to adapt your style, tips and tricks to get through each section and really help you focus on what's important. If you have a weak spot, they provide helpful feedback. Some tips I learned from this experience: Even if your English is solid, getting through the exam requires some practice as the computer algorithm that marks the test requires you to do it a certain way - so using their tried and tested techniques helps you to maximize your score and helps you to not have to doubt yourself when you do the test. Also, check your headset before the test properly and don't be shy to raise any concerns during the the test. The headset definitely didn't pick up my voice properly some of the time. This caused me to have to do the test twice... but with the help of Sonny and the team and some technique adjustments, the second time round was surprisingly okay!

Rafaela Velozo
May 17, 2023

Thank you Sonny for all your lessons and tips, it definitely made the difference in my PTE journey. You can trust all his methods, it works! Keep going on helping more people get through it!

Juliana Souza
May 13, 2023

I can't recommend Sonny highly enough!! Sonny's knowledge and experience is first class. He helped me to achive my goals. Sonny is a very thoughtful teacher who puts a lot of efforts in his tutorials. His classes are engaging, useful and he is very patient and have a great sense of humour which makes watching his classes enjoyable; Guys, Sonny has the best technique to pass PTE and get your score, believe me! It was a great experience for me! 😃🤩Thanks Sonny for sharing your knowledge with us and be such an amazing coach!

Marc McLaren
May 5, 2023

Karolina and Sonny helped me to get the score I needed to be register with the Australian medical board. 🙏💪🏻 HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!

Mainá Moratori
May 5, 2023

Sonny has the best PTE preparation course ever! Well structured, easy tutorials, fun classes and all the support you need. Whatever is your desired score, he’s got a way. Got my 90 overall today!

Karin Nayla Rivas
May 4, 2023

For me, having met Sonny was a salvation. I have been able to reach my goal in a few months thanks to his excellent professionalism and didactic material. I definitely recommend him both as a teacher and as a PTE coach. Thank you!

Shehanie de Soyza
May 4, 2023

Thank you so much Sonny for the help given to my PTE journey. Your PTE course and materials are the best. Highly recommend.

Pri Falceti
May 2, 2023

Extremely helpful way to achieve your PTE goal!! Highly recommended course! Sonny and his team give all the guidance and support required. Mission accomplished thanks to Sonny, so glad!! Thank you! <3

Valentin Maxtalga
April 4, 2023

Я рекомендую Вам учиться у него. Я достаточно за короткий срок набрал баллы которые мне были нужны для международного экзамена PTE.

Mantas Mikalajūnas
April 3, 2023

Wow. Highly recommended! I was just wasting my time on Youtube (and money) and looking for “The Best” techniques or templates. Didn’t work. I was keep failing. Happy that I found Sonny. His methods are The Best! Done.

Marcelo Pontes Gimenes
March 30, 2023

His course is very straightforward. His lessons are clear and focused, making it easier for you to pass the exam. Thank you for that; it was really useful!

Neto Brasileiro
March 27, 2023

I highly recommend his course. He always answered my messages and helped me a lot. The best 🦾

Kesley Azevedo
March 27, 2023

I would like to thank Sonny for his help on my PTE test. His PTE materials are one of the best out there. I recommend it to anyone who wants a good result or just achieve whatever you need. The templates are great and definitely work. Thank you very much Sonny, for your support and patience.

Laura Silveira
March 2, 2023

In 2021, when we’re in lockdown I decided to take Sonny’s classes once because I had free time for study and also because I knew I need to take PTE some day. Sonny’s online classes were great, full of practice from all the recorded classes which you learn all the tricks for the exam and then practice for the perfection. I ended up just doing this at that time, didn’t study, consequently didn’t take the exam. Almost 2 years later, the time came and I had only 1 week to actually study for the exam between prepare for renewing the visa plus working. All I needed to do was grab my notes from Sonny’s classes and practice. First try and I got the score I needed for my next 2 visas. I can’t recommend better PTE teacher/coach/master/mentor! Sonny is the best one! Thank you very much, Sonny, for all your help and support, and for being there for us.

Camila Dias
February 16, 2023

Finally, I started my uni!!! Guys, I want to share the experience I had doing the Sonny PTE course. I thought I never will get the score I needed, before his course my score was bad on ALL bands, especially in reading. He teaches me how to think quickly and grammatically correct and a way to do the speaking incredible easy. He answered all my questions and help me to find what I should focus on. Sonny, you are a legend, thank you so much for your help, your attention and your patience with me.

Zahraa Almusawi
February 9, 2023

No doubt, the best ever! Sonny knows what parts are important in PTE, he is updated with all changes in exam. He gives the right meaning for the word English teacher. He is the best tutor. Thank you so much for all your support, assistance and kindness. I hope life can pay you back for every student that you help. I’m really glade I’ve chosen your course for my test . Sonny really there is no word to thank you. I highly recommend him.

Monica Mashiki
February 4, 2023

What can I say about Sonny?! If you want to pass in PTE you must know him and his techniques. At first seems quite crazy, because he made PTE so simple, so easy, exactly the way should be. After getting his classes I knew what to focus on, he gave me his support in all my doubts and insecurities,even when I was not having (read paying) classes with him anymore. Once his student, always his student! Who nowadays give you support like this? I sent my results, he told me what/where to focus. I needed 65 but when my result came I was closer to 79 than 65….and my english is not even that good. He is a Legend!! Sonny gave me confidence! One thing that you cannot buy in any other course. He made this journey so fun, easy and smooth … his techniques works!!! Sonny, thank you! ❤️🥰

Ilksen Samantha Asik
February 3, 2023

Sonny is the best tutor in Australia. All you need to trust his every words and practice his materials on his website. If you want to achieve higher score in Pte, Sonny English is the right address. Please don’t waste your time with other pte coaching centres. They only think about money. My experience is clear with Sonny , he is not only Pte tutor. He supports student individually and understands what they need for to achieve their goals.He only shares his real exam experiences which is %100 right. I achieved my pte higher score with Sonny English and I recommend to everyone. If you sing up with Sonny , you already done your first step. All the best for his students and future students. I believe Sonny is the only one gonna be real pte tutor, next couple of years. Well done Sonny English👏👏👏

Bonnie Ann
January 29, 2023

Sonny I have not words for say thank you 🙏 Sonny is a PTE expert teacher, I Applied his techniques and got the PTE score I needed in the first time thank you very much !!

Sabrina Alexandra Chen
January 26, 2023

I thoroughly enjoyed lessons with Karolina every morning. Her tips were helpful and she was encouraging. I felt supported and appreciated that she gave us homework for additional practice. Would have been lovely to have such a kind and friendly teacher like Karolina when I was in school…would definitely have made learning a lot more fun! 😊 Sonny’s tips and videos were informative and I hope more students could benefit from this course and attending the live Zoom sessions. Good luck to all! You got this! 🙂

Amal Wakeem
January 24, 2023

Amazing teacher.. He is the best.. He is an expert.. Wonderful and nice person... There are not enough words to describe how good he is.. Honestly I passed from the first time because of him... If you are struggling with pte go to Sonny... Thank you Sonny you made it an easy journey..

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