The Ultimate PTE Academic Training Course *LIVE


The most challenging modules in the PTE Academic are Reading and Listening. Writing is the least challenging module, but it is impossible to obtain 79 in Writing without Reading and Listening. Tutorials for the Speaking and Writing are recorded for you to access on demand. That will help save time on going over the techniques for Speaking and Writing, so we can move straight into the practical aspect during the live courses. It also allows us to have more time during the live classes to spend on the most challenging modules such as Reading and Listening.

Enroll early to get started on the Speaking and Writing tutorials. You will have access to all content for 90 days from the date of enrollment. 

This will be the most structured and systematic approach to obtaining maximum marks not only in the communicative skills but also the enabling skills in all modules. Most courses out there just provide the instructions to each task and suggestions taken from the PTE Teacher’s Manual. I will provide detailed, step by step techniques that have been applied and proven over the years to maximize communicative and enabling skills in all modules.

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4 Week PTE Courses
You will have the option to attend morning or evening classes. The primary focus of the live classes is Reading and Listening. You will have access to the Recorded PTE Tutorials immediately after enrollment so enroll early. It is recommended that Speaking and Writing tutorials are reviewed prior to the course start date. Live classes are held twice daily Monday to Friday.

Recorded PTE Tutorials
You will have access to all PTE Speaking and Writing course learning materials including video tutorials and templates. You have the freedom to study when it suits you at any time of the day or night. *Listening and Reading Modules are covered in the live classes. All live classes are recorded, so you will have access to them for review in case you missed something.

PTE Practice Material 
Practice materials are provided to help you familiarize yourself with the exam format. You have full access to all of the materials for 90 days from the date of enrollment.

Ultimate Template Course
The template course is included with joining the course. The template course is sold for $159 on the website, but you will receive them free of charge. You will have access to the Ultimate Template Course immediately after enrollment so enroll early.

Tracking your progress is important. You will be able to submit your writing practice and receive feedback from Sonny. Feed back will be provided on writing for 60 days from the date of enrollment.

Direct Support
You will be able to contact Sonny for general questions related to your preparation. If you require personalized individual attention, private lessons are provided at a discounted rate.