PTE Academic Ultimate PTE Speaking Course

$99.00 + GST for Australian Residents

If you compare the successful scores that I have posted on my Facebook page, you will notice that an overwhelmingly high number of the scores show that speaking is the highest score. That is not a coincidence. This is the course that will help you apply a tested and proven technique that has helped countless people obtain the speaking score that they once thought was impossible to obtain. Avoid being stuck in the cycle of taking the exam over and over again. If something has not worked for you, this is the time to make a change.

Upgrade to the Ultimate PTE Course for $349. The Ultimate Template Pack is included with the course. You will have 3 month access to all PTE Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening training tutorials. Click Here




This course includes

Course Details

This course will layout the foundation for you to maximize your potential in the PTE Speaking module. 

The PTE Speaking Module heavily influences the scores of other modules. A clear understanding of how the speaking module is scored helps you to understand which tasks require the most effort. Don’t make the mistake of following unproven methods taught all over the Internet.

You will learn an extremely effective speaking method that has helped countless people obtain 90 in Speaking, Fluency and Pronunciation. At one point those people actually considered giving up on PTE because they thought obtaining 79 in Speaking was an impossible goal. In reality, it was because they were applying ineffective techniques. Their testimonies can be seen on the home page. 

All 5 speaking tasks will be covered and templates will be provided for the tasks that can use them. These templates will simplify the speaking in those tasks so more effort can be applied to the tasks that matter most. 

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