PTE Academic Ultimate PTE Writing Course

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Having a low score in PTE Writing does not automatically mean that your writing needs to improve. In fact, the writing score in the PTE exam can be maximized easily. I will provide an extremely easy, tested and proven technique to simplify both writing tasks. Don’t waste anymore time trying to improve the Writing Module on your own.

Upgrade to the Ultimate PTE Course for $349. The Ultimate Template Pack is included with the course. You will have 3 month access to all PTE Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening training tutorials. Click Here




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This course will show you how to simplify the writing. You do not need to overwrite the tasks with overwhelming vocabulary. You definitely do not need to push the limit of the word count requirement in order to obtain your target score. 

The PTE Writing Module is truly one of the easier modules in the PTE exam. That does not automatically mean it will be easy to obtain 79+. In order to obtain 79+ in Writing, Writing is not where you need to excel at. 

You will learn extremely effective, tested and proven writing methods that will take the stress of trying to improve the skills required to improve writing. You will be provided with two approaches to the two writing tasks. You can decide which approach best suits your ability. This will allow you to redirect your attention to the modules that are more significant. 

Both writing tasks will be covered and templates will be provided for both tasks. These writing templates are unlike other templates out there that are generic, impractical and recycled from IELTS.

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