PTE Academic Ultimate PTE Reading Course

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Simply put, reading is difficult. Learning another language is difficult for many. In the Reading Module, you must be able to apply your existing English knowledge and build on it to increase your chances of success. Would you learn a skill from a person who is not properly trained? Why would English be any different? Being able to speak English does not qualify a person to be able to teach English. Having taken the PTE exam also does not qualify a person to teach English. I am a formally trained and experienced English teacher. This course will provide the grammatical tools and techniques you will need in order to eliminate and identify answers with higher success.

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This course will actually teach English. In all the other three modules in the PTE exam, improving English was not necessarily the main focus. 

The PTE Reading Module is probably the most difficult module. However, just like the Listening Module, not all tasks in the Reading Module are created equal. You must first know which tasks are more important. Then you must be able to apply the proper techniques to elevate your chances of selecting the correct answer. Guessing will not be an effective approach to the important tasks.  

You will learn the fundamentals of English grammar to help you better understand how sentences are structured. There are usually clues within the reading passages and a little bit of grammar can be used to unlock those clues. I am a trained English teacher with over 10 years of English teaching experience. This is where the “Fake it till you make it” ideology cannot be applied. In order to improve reading, improving your English will be required. Of course studying from repeated questions can help too, I have them on my website as well, but it is not guaranteed that you will get a repeated question. You always need to have a back up plan.     

All 5 reading tasks will be covered. The non important reading tasks will be briefly discussed for time management skills. The primary focus of this course will be placed on the most important tasks. 

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