PTE Academic Ultimate PTE Listening Course

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Many people who take the PTE exam for the first time run out of time in the listening, and their scores come back disastrous. That is the way the PTE Listening Module is set up. I will provide a clear understanding on what is required in order to finish the Listening Module completely, and also ensure that we have every opportunity to obtain the points available in the important tasks. This is not a normal exam that you are used to taking in school, so don’t approach it like it is.

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This course will show you one of the most important skills required in the PTE Listening Module, and it is not related to English. It is time management. You do not want to approach the Listening Module like you would on an exam in school. 

The PTE Listening Module is designed for you to run out of time and fail. Once you understand that you must approach the important tasks with the proper mindset. Listening is one of the more important modules, but there are techniques that can be applied to help ensure that you obtain every point possible.  

You will learn the importance of the Listening module because of how it affects other modules. The same can be said about the significance of other modules that affect listening. It is not possible to obtain 79+ by only excelling in the listening and nothing else. 

All 8 listening tasks will be covered and a template will be provided for the Summarize Spoken Text. The non important listening tasks will be briefly discussed for time management skills. The primary focus of this course will be placed on the most important tasks. 

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